My Approach

My mission is to make great music that can stand the test of time. I started at a very young age engaging  in some recording engineering that was self taught, So my direction is known when structuring a great song.

My Story

I was born in Mississippi in the deep south during the 80's when Rap was at it's early stages. I could remember growing up listening to "2liveCrew,GhettoBoys,UGK, Slave,Isley Brothers,Tyrone Davis and the list go's on.

During those times my mother and father whom where very young wanted a better life for their children so they left hard time Mississippi and came to Texas around 1985 where my dad had landed a better job. As time progress I began to get older, my parents started realizing that I was a natural entertainer dancing at restaurants or wherever music would be played.

My love for music came at the very early age . I remember at 6 when I used to listen to music with my mom and dad, while rocking out with my red guitar hoping to be a big star like Prince and Mike Jackson trying to figure out how to make it all happen. After that I moved back to Mississippi  where I picked up a lot of soul and swagger that my music needed to give it that cutting edge when I came back to Texas.